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Value Sourcing

techThe Dutch high-tech industry is a network of technology integrating companies (outsourcers) and special technology providers (suppliers). This industry is characterized by high mix – low volume production numbers as well as quickly changing technologies and markets. 

Value Sourcing is a supply base management method that helps organisations to optimize their quality performance, delivery performance, technology developments and total cost control (QLTC) in a planned and well managed process. Value Sourcing also ensures that all business activities contribute to the value creation for the end-customer and for the organisation itself as well. All companies in the supply chain are continuously stimulated to improve their performance and to minimize risks in order to increase their added value. With Value Sourcing all the requirements of outsourcers and the capabilities of suppliers are clear, transparent and, above all, unambiguous.

(Source: Value Sourcing, Sourcing Value – Van de Kamp, Stalenhoef, Dijkhuis)